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[ about the task ]
The client is a marketing agency that deals with seed companies in social networks. Many years of manual work in Excel have led them to the next logical stage of development – the creation of a service that will carry out most of the manual work automatically. For example, collecting statistics from posts, analytics, creating infographics.

The agency's clients also have the opportunity to see the results in a clear and visualized form.

For privacy reasons, the company names have been replaced.
[ sections ]
At the moment, we display 10 different dashboards that display data on the progress of the advertising company in real time. From the placements and the release time of future posts to clicks and the geography of users. This allows the agency to quickly influence the course of the campaign and adjust the final result
[ results ]
The client received a new, automated and fast way to analyze information about advertising companies, which greatly increased the efficiency and time-consuming of employees. And the client got a clear view of what is happening with his promotion at the moment
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